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Dedicated for teams who are proud of their creations and for those who love the company of professionals. We deliver fulfilment and Joy. We fill the void.

- Director of Operations, Team Tentrox


Clients and Testimonials

" We are very happy to have worked with Tentrox Studios. They worked hand in hand with our production team to ensure great quality and direction. Very professional and friendly. " 

Christoph Fricke

CEO, Raw Vengeance Games

" Thank your for the strong deliveries with consistency. I strongly recommend the team to any studio. "


Jon Bekker,

Founder, Pseudomonas Studios

" We just love their communication and the way they collaborate with our team, Beyond deliveries we love working with them.  "

Prapach Lapamnuaysap,

Art Director, Sanuk Games

" Highly professional service, very friendly with front and back iterations. Pass my love to the team! "

Filipe Ferreira,

Art Director, Blue Butter Studios


The Relationship is Permanent.

Corporate Office

No. 34, Neelakandan Kovil St.,

Palanganatham, Madurai, India.

Tentrox Studios

No. 7, Jeyalakshmi Street,

Kodhandaraman Nagar,

Urapakkam, Chennai, India.

Mail: info@tentrox.com